Glimpses of Siberia: [comp. by N. Yanovsky].
Издательство: Progress
Год: 1972
In early eighteenth century it took the expedition of Vitus Bering nearly two years to cross Siberia. At the end of last century Anton Chekhov spent three months reaching Sakhalin Island, by rail, boat and sleigh. Today Vladivostok is within several hours' flight of Moscow. Siberia has moved nearer to Europe. This book specially prepared for the foreign reader by the staff of the Sibirskiye Ogni (Siberian Lights) magazine will take you, as it were, across the vast territory from the Urals to the Pacific with stops in many points of interest.
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  • Город
  • Перевод заглавия
    Рассказы о Сибири
  • Редакторы
    220 comp., Yanovsky, N.
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    Однотомное издание
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