<The world=world> of 2035. Global outlook
Dynkin A., Afontsev S., Arbatov A.
Издательство: Magistr
Год: 2018
Страниц: 301, [2]
The forecast covers the period up to 2035. It describes dynamic trends that will shape the future of the world during the nearest 20 years. The aim of this study is to foresee the challenges awaiting the world and the forthcoming opportunities which can be used in the interests of the Russian state, ensuring its role as an active participant in the formation of the future world order. The book presents a general analysis of the main trends of world development, its spiritual culture, ideology, politics, innovation, economy, social sphere and interna-tional security, the problems of globalization and regionalism. The final section of the book presents strategic recommendations for Russia. Prospective readers of this book include staff members of government institutions and management bodies, research, expert and business communities. It also may be recommended for student scholars of international affairs.
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    Auth. at the end of the book
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    Мир 2035. Глобальный прогноз
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    Экономическое прогнозирование, Экономика мировая, Социальное прогнозирование, Социология, Английский язык, Экономика, Английский язык, Социология
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